Josie Figueroa was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is a self-taught artist who began drawing at a very early age.

Long an "observer of life," Josie's unique talent attempts to capture the heart and soul of her subjects. The artist's long inner struggle to bring "life" to the canvas is visible in her work, as if the viewer might wait for the subject to take it's next breath in it's realistic rendition.

Josie is seldom satisfied with her work believing there is always room to grow. Her philosophy is to not only do the best work she can, but continue to explore new levels of expression.

Although Josie's talents expand to all areas of art including Murals, Illustrations, and Graphic Design, her most accomplished skills are in painting. She paints in most mediums, specializing in Oils. However, she still maintains her early love of Pencil, Color Pencil, and Pen & Ink.

Josie now lives Visalia, California in the San Joaquin Valley, where she continues to work on her art.

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